Saturday, April 10, 2010

What Does Your Bad Product Teach Us?

I like talking about movies and series (Serieses? Serii?) that I watch, and I've noticed that there are two different methods of discussing things.

When you talk positively about things you are dismissed as a fanboy and people find you neither informative nor entertaining. In order to find concurrence, you must seek out other fanboys. Before long, you are talking about pairings and...*ugh*

The alternative, being negative, is well-liked and entertaining, but the very people who praise your belittling prowess secretly dismiss you as an evil troll who wants to bring them all down because girls don't like you.

Ideally, you can also be honest and review things as both good and bad based on what they deserve, but people will still assume you're doing one of the two and treat you as such. In fact, if you're being completely honest, people will universally assume you're a mean-spirited ogre and complain about how mean you are to all their favorite movies, because 90% of everything is crap and deserves to be mocked, and even good stuff has flaws that should be corrected.

I was musing on this controversy while being disappointed by "The Big Lebowski", which I watched for the first time recently, and I long as I talk about movies I will probably be dissapointing others and thought of negatively...and yet I still want to do it.

So, I'm joining the millions of others in the world by jumping into the world of amateur. By the way, I know that being an online amateur critic is incredibly unoriginal but I really don't care, trying to make it original would just end up making it gimmicky. This will probably only please me...which is good enough.

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